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Gluten free/Vegan street food.

No need to miss out on festivals and great shows, we will look after you. No risk of cross contamination means at last you can enjoy events the same as everyone else, without having to bring a pack lunch

We have a varied menu  from:

Steak burgers, with dairy free cheese options,

chickpea burger, with veggie /vegan options - all severed in a brioche bun

Pulled pork with apple sauce to jackfruit done in a BBQ sauce  (Vegan/veggie pulled pork) Try our homemade wraps with a creamy cheesy sauce (Vegan)

We have two griddles so all our vegan/veggie food is cooked on one and meat products on the other 

And yes It can get even better - we have homemade puff pastries as well as shortcrust

We have selection of cakes, with dairy free and vegan options desserts 

So if you are of out for the day check to see if we are there!

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